Oh if there ever were a better form of payback, I'd probably pee in my pants. 13 unlucky 13 years TO THE DAY that OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder, he's found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, and 10 other charges.

I'm sorry, but if you get the biggest break of your life, and then you screw that up, don't expect anyone to feel sorry for you. I think that for a couple of plaques, balls, and memorabilia he's really squandered any attempt for redemption.

Guilty on all charges. 5 years to life in prison. Taken away in handcuffs.


Will Ragsdale said...

I'm far overdue to comment on your blog!

Apologies for my sporadic commenting, actually I really like your and your sisters comments and really aspire to get better at responding to everything

You asked me about influences

All of my friends are into screamo/emo/metal/hardcore what have you, however I decided I don't like that type of music at all, even though I've listened to it enough to *sort of* respect a select few artists. I really like softer stuff, (nothing too indie or lofi, I'm an audiophile), like art-rock or something. Here are some bands I like: Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Air, Coldplay, Beirut, Sigur Ros (who I saw two nights ago in Berkeley, CA for free!!), The Mars Volta, and Dj Shadow. There are lots more, and I really don't 'not like' any genres that much. Lots of people, when asked what they listen to, say 'I listen to everything..except techno and country'. I assume they're talking about mainstream 'country' like Garth Brooks or Toby Keith and don't like that; I haven't heard them so I can't comment on Garth Brooks or Toby Keith. I like techno sometimes and Creedence Clearwater if I'm going to listen to country.. This turned into a music rant..

I listen to lost of music to 'study' what their sound engineer (guy who recorded them in a studio with lost of cool gear) did to get that sound, or interesting things coming out of different speakers. I am trying to get really good at 'mixing' so I don't have to go through expensive facilities to put out a professional recording. All my music I've recorded and found it's way on myspace isn't that great, I don't like it and I want to put out some 'fresh tracks' to feel better about calling myself a musician.

Cali is pretty much LAX repeated 500,000 times. I just read this statistic that said that San Francisco is the 'singlest' city in America. I don't know if that means everyone is lonely, or everyone loves the swinger lifestyle. I wonder what Florida is like? I've actually been to like 35 of the States, but Florida isn't one of them. Is it true everyone is really old?

Also I would agree that you're pretty cool; if you were a short comedy sketch, there is no doubt in my mind you'd be very funny, and have over a million plays on Youtube

Here, you said you liked short comedy sketches/skits:

You should write lost of comments when you just start ranting about yourself because I like reading that

Lili said...

Yahoo!!! 13 years over due!!!

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