The Croup

So I've decided that I absolutely hate being sick during finals week. It pretty much is one of the worst things ever.

I sound like a MAN, I have the ever-constant feeling of having to sneeze, but never sneezing, so I'm constantly rubbing my nose.

The constant blowing of my nose has cause me to develop that raw skin red look that I know is all the rage right now. I'm such a fashionista!

I need me some chicken noodle soup. Who's got the goods, cause I want it!!

ACTUALLY, I just wanna go to sleep. Oh, and I don't technically have the croup, I just really like saying that word. But I guess sounding like a man and having a ridiculous cough is similar to the croup so I'm not telling a completely ridiculous fable.

I probably have the rhinovirus.
Colds are from the devil...just look at how they look, and you tell me whether you think they're from the devil or not.
For real, scary.


Lili said...

WOW! Please leave your Rhino in FL before you board the airplane to come visit. PS - I make a rockin' Chicken noodle Soup... Does that suprise you...? I think not.

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