Busy Month

Wowsers!! It's been a hectic month! I've got a couple of new blogs finally in the works. Here's a teaser:

1. 22 mile tandem bike ride
2. Nursing schools
3. Blood and guts and gore...jk just blood
4. The BFB Strikes Again
5. Moving Day
6. I get to go to my home town soon!!
7. My professor...seriously what's wrong with him?

These will all be up soon. I promise!!!


Lili said...

YAHOO!! Can't wait to read them!!! YEAH!!! You are BACK!!!

Will Ragsdale said...

wow, I second that.

You are the coolest! Look at all those things you've done

I'm going to re-join the blogosphere and this was just the catalyst I needed.

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The Area I'm In...
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