Loosing My Dang Mind!!!

How on earth do i put a hit counter on my blog!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I have been looking up how to do it and the html junk for it and trying out different spots in my template, and looking to see if google offers any gadgets of the sort....

BUT NO!!! This is stressing me out! I have been going through this for two days now. So I am officially asking for help!


Oh and the only part of this new template that I don't like is the "undefined" on little tabs on the left side of each post. How do I get rid of that?


Lili said...

OKAY!!! As for the Hit Counter...

This comes from one of my readers Kevin...


Ok, assuming you have the right code. Here's what you do:

Sign into your blooger dashboard and click "layout".

Somewhere on this page you should see "add a gadget", click that.

Then find "HTML/JAVASCRIPT" and go there.

Give your counter a title, paste the code in the bottom box and voila! It should work. Let me know if it doesn't.



To get the HTML code, I went to I picked the style of counter the color then entered my blog site info, e-mail address, etc.

I have an awful time finding out how to get one, bit this finally worked for me. Let me know if this doesn't work. Good Luck!

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